About Us

Making Clear Cents Of Your Numbers

Our Vision

Every business needs a bookkeeper - now more than ever.

We believe your financial statements tell the story about your business, and we want every real estate professional to know how to read their own story.

Clear Cents Bookkeeping works with Real Estate Professionals to create a clear sense of their business finances and empower them to make

educated and confident financial decisions

Our Team

Hi, I'm Julie, founder and CEO of Clear Cents Bookkeeping.

Here at Clear Cents, we love working with numbers (I know, super weird) but other things are not our jam... you know, like creative things.

But more importantly we excel at helping small business owners move towards and realize their dreams!

My favorite thing about Clear Cents Bookkeeping is that by making clear sense of your numbers, we empower you (Real Estate Professionals) to make educated and confident financial decisions that improve cash flow and move the profit needle higher!

Julie Healy


Kara Frank

Lead Bookkeeping Professional

Kara joined the Clear Cents team in October of 2021 as our lead bookkeeper. Her experience and expertise keep our clients happy, organized and moving towards the business of their ultimate dreams.

Our Distinctions

Find out how you can . . .

Pay Yourself What You Deserve!

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